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Eliminate Business Chaos



Malia Fazzio

Sr. Productivity Specialist™

Malia Fazzio is a Sr. Productivity Specialist and brings over 25 years of experience in operational excellence, productivity improvement and growth acceleration to Eliminate Chaos. She uses a combination of business experience, critical thinking and interpersonal skills to bring people, processes and data together to achieve goals and sustainability.

Malia provides leadership and proven problem solving skills to lead change in business processes helping businesses achieve growth and cost effective solutions. She also brings strong project management skills for small to complex projects. From working with an individual to large teams she stays focused on the business goals and uses strong communication skills to achieve the right outcomes for the individual and business.

Malia’s work experience includes Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses. Whether she was working on worldwide projects or helping an individual increase their productivity, Malia was recognized as the individual who could set a vision or be the tactical player to execute that vision.

Her passion for order and organization started early with her love of puzzles. She was taught to lie out the puzzle pieces by color and to always start with the frame/border before the middle. She has applied that early lesson of structure to business by focusing on goals and determining the details of execution that are needed to achieve those goals.

Malia is the individual in her circle of family and friends that everyone relies upon to bring organization and planning to their life. From large moves, planning vacations or helping out with their businesses she is always the first one they call to get advice or help.

Malia also enjoys hiking, traveling, gardening and spending time with her family.



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