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Cassie Wistrom, CPO

Lead Organizing Specialist™

Cassie has been organizing since she was five years old, neatly stacking Tupperware® in the kitchen cupboards. The profound affect her organizational strategies had in improving the daily lives of colleagues, customers and friends in prior places of employment led her down the path of becoming an Organizing Specialist™. Cassie enjoys the opportunity to provide a service that aids people in living a more satisfying, less stressful life. Her approachable demeanor and sense of humor make working with her both productive and enjoyable.

Cassie is no stranger to creative problem solving. When she lived in Montana, she worked at a luxury ranch resort as a camp butler. A requirement was to be resourceful and meet clients' needs and expectations, even if it meant biking to the next camp at 6:30am for more eggs or fresh Montana huckleberries before the guests awoke. The main lodge was several miles from where Cassie was stationed, and with only a cell phone at her disposal, she perfected her ability to communicate clearly when arranging activities and transportation.

Cassie gained most of her organizing experience in the mortgage, human resources and wine industries. Shortly after moving to Seattle from Montana, she obtained a certificate in winemaking and started her own winery in 2015.

In her free time, Cassie enjoys kayaking, pickleball, cross-country skiing and attending the opera.



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Cassie's Delighted Clients

“You and your team are amazing. I just got home and already feel like this is my home. I’ve been living in turmoil for a while and coming home gave me peace. Thank you.”

- B.M.


“What a delight to walk into the wine room and know exactly where to find each bottle of wine! Eliminate Chaos worked with us to create a system to allow us to easily locate wine and in the process, created more space for future purchases! Laura, Cassie and their team were great to work with and had numerous ideas but also wanted input as to how to create a system that would work best for us. I wish we had done this years ago!”

- J.P.


“On an ongoing daily basis I am amazed by the exquisite skills of the organizer team. Stuff is so intelligently sorted, arranged, organized and stowed to a degree I would never have imagined possible. Impressive!”

- B.W.


“Eliminate Chaos did a wonderful job of moving two extremely busy professionals with limited bandwidth, from 2 houses into one condo (and a couple of storage units). Zero breakage, up and running same day, and hugely reduced stress since everything is labeled and where it should be. Great experience - thank you Laura and team!”

- Larry Williams


“What a great day we had yesterday! We got through all of the piles of paperwork. We have brand new files for all of the information I want to keep and track. I have a Daily Action Center which I hope will keep me on track going forward. I have all of my tax returns organized and ready to put into binders for personal and business. The medical and dental receipts are put together so I can now reimburse myself out of our health savings account. Brenna and Cassie were great to work with. I felt the pace was just right and we all made the best use of our time together. Kudos to your team!”

- MaryPat Cheng


“I can’t thank you guys enough! I love everything you did for me and I am grateful. I really appreciate all the hard work and you made a real difference in my life!”

- Karen


“The Eliminate Chaos team arrived, on time, to tackle an unpacking project that had spread between two rooms. Their effectiveness, attention to detail and expertise changed my life. While I’ve worked with other organizational consultants, Eliminate Chaos has a mixture of efficiency refinement; logic based organizing and professional standards that take them to another level, thoughtful problem solving. They are the best.”

- Audrey Beaulac


“Cassie was SO incredibly helpful! She was organized, genuinely kind, enjoyed the process and finished a huge amount of work in a small time. Thank you!”

- Caroline Rockey


“I would definitely recommend Eliminate Chaos to anyone who is looking to get organized! I used their services on three different occasions and couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I now have a garage where things are easy to find, a closet system with labeled containers for my art supplies, and better systems for my pantry and laundry room storage.”

- B.B.


“Laura and her team coordinated our move; they packed and unpacked, organized closets, the garage, the kitchen and they hung artwork. They genuinely made our move smooth, efficient, and successful. Laura and every team member were friendly, efficient, encouraging, and made life during a move much easier. This is our second move with Eliminate Chaos, and if we move again, we will be calling Laura.”

- Melody Robidoux


“I hesitated to pay someone to organize my garage when it's something that I could do myself. But I just didn't have the time to unpack and organize everything after moving into our new home nearly a year ago. Eliminate Chaos was well worth the investment. Now my garage is clean and systematic -- I feel such a sense of relief. One of the most helpful aspects of the process was having Eliminate Chaos assist me in evaluating what I needed to keep and what I might be able to consider donating or discarding.”

- Kathyryn


“Eliminate Chaos is an amazing service - I couldn't be happier to have order restored from all of my moving chaos. I appreciated your prompt response, and your ability to be nimble with scheduling - it made all the difference.”

- R.J.


“Cassie was wonderful, fantastic, terrific, talented, understanding to our needs, and sensitive to making this move! Kathy, Cassie and Gail were just superior! And Ken and I really mean that.”

- Ken and Jeanne Wilson


“My goal was to get my office space cleared of everything that was no longer needed or relevant. With the help of Eliminate Chaos, it was done in a day! My focus and productivity has increased significantly since that day. Eliminate Chaos' organizing expert guided the declutter and purging process and broke down my part into simple manageable steps. This made what was originally an overwhelming project, a breeze for me. I won't hesitate to hire again. Cassie was a pro and a pleasure to work with.”

- Melissa


“Every time I use Eliminate Chaos I am amazed at how much is accomplished. After using Eliminate Chaos several times this should not be a surprise. The staff is so nice to work with. They are not there to make me toss, rather they ask how often I use, where...thought my sewing room was pretty nice before. Wow! Everything is now in cabinets. All my small drawer sets are no longer needed. Rug is now all cleared off. Window fully exposed so now I have lots of natural light. Makes such a difference with colors. No doubt I will use Eliminate Chaos again!”

- Lynette Chase


“Kathy helped me so much by getting my garage in order so I could get my car in the garage!!! Then, Cassie and Julie helped me do a deeper dig in the garage to make some space for new shelves and get rid of more clutter in the Garage. I also was able to make a dent in my papers by getting a system set up so I can use it to go through the rest of my paperwork. Thank you all very much for the support and the progress made in getting my home organized! I really appreciate the focus and drive that Kathy, Cassie, Julie and Sami have. They are so good and supportive! They helped me get through so much more than I could ever have on my own! Thank you!!!!!”

- Penny


“Can I just say these two, Julie and Cassie were crazy amazing!!!! These women are so professional and the sweetest. I cannot believe what they got done today!!!!!! I am so looking forward to working with them again!!”

- Joanne


“Great experience! Cassie was exceptionally fabulous!”

- Alison Levi


“Cassie has been a delight to work with. She is calm yet industrious, listens to my concerns, doesn't overwhelm me with decisions and has a great sense of humor. Cassie is also very knowledgeable about various products and potential storage strategies and solutions. She remains positive and professional no matter how many hours she works. She offers encouragement and feedback. Thanks so much!”

- Martha


“Our realtor recommended Eliminate Chaos to us as we put our home on the market. They did three major things with us: decluttering and downsizing, packing and managing the move, and unpacking and organizing our new space. We worked with nearly everyone in the office, and found them uniformly well trained and equipped, pleasant, able to work with and around our quirks and needs, communicative and responsive. Their "can-do" attitude no matter what odd item we asked them to dispose of, for example, made the whole process so much less stressful. They worked around our pets, our quirks, our habits, and less than a week after the move, we're already putting up art. Maybe it says the most that with the techniques and tools they've given us, we're continuing with the neater and better habits they've instilled.”

- Barbara


“Cassie and Kathy were excellent organizers who made my life so much easier post-move. They brought order to the chaos of my apartment filled with boxes.”

- Julia





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