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Microsoft® Outlook® 2019

Microsoft Outlook 2019 – Consulting.

The consulting we provide is customized for every client.Outlook Cover No Edition
This ensures that we craft a workflow you can use and maintain on a daily basis to help you get more done and spend less time in e-mail. You will also learn many of our time-saving techniques and how you can apply them to your work daily. Spending just a few hours of time with us could save you several hours each week. The ROI will far exceed your initial investment!

Laura's book; Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook is a step-by-step user guide, with many screen shots of the productivity techniques used in our consulting practice. This book makes a great companion to our consulting work; as go-to reference or as a stand-alone guide for those that wish to learn at their own pace and on their own.

In Person or Virtual.  We can work with you in either capacity depending on your location and needs. We use a screen-sharing program to consult with clients outside the Greater Seattle area.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 - Training.

Training topics are customized to meet your needs. We provide you with a list of training topics and let you decide what makes the most sense for your organization. Based on your training requirement we will determine the length of the training needed and if any consulting is required in advance to prepare for a successful training.

Virtual Training. Training in your office, offered virtually, allows you to bring a customized program to your employees with the added benefit them remaining onsite, and you don't pay our travel fees. This training is offered as a flat-fee investment for groups so you only pay for what fits your needs.

On-Site Training. Our on-site training in your office provides employees with the added benefit of individual attention if needed and an opportunity to extend your training day with one-on-one consulting for those employees that desire individual time.

What's New In Microsoft Outlook 2019?

There are not a lot of visible changes to the user interface in 2019, however a bit more color has been added above the top tool bar. Two new features are the "Focused Inbox" and "@mentions."  You will see two tabs at the top of your Inbox; one that reads "Focused" and one called "Other." The Focused Inbox will contain e-mail from those people you interact with on a regular basis and e-mail such as newsletters will be moved to the Other tab. If you don't like where your e-mail is being stored, you can change the options. The "Focused" and "Other" feature replace the "Clutter" folder, where many of our clients found themselves with "misplaced" e-mail because they were not aware of how their e-mail was being moved for them. If you are missing e-mail you think is important, be sure to look in your "Other" Inbox.

The second feature is "@mentions." In the body of an e-mail you type the "@" sign and they type the person's name whom you want to take action on something. Their name will be highlighted in blue in the e-mail and if they are not part of the e-mail thread already, their name will be placed in the "To" field.

Why Eliminate Chaos?

Experience. Expertise. Trust.

Laura has over twenty-five years of experience developing business processes with the use of technology. She understands the challenges individuals and companies face on a daily basis with the use of Microsoft Outlook and how to organize and retrieve information quickly when needed.

In the 1990's, Laura was hired by community colleges to teach Microsoft Outlook to employees of corporations. Laura quickly became frustrated with the content of the materials she was asked to teach with and decided to create her own materials and began teach her own classes.  Laura believes that it's not enough to know "HOW" to use specific features of Outlook but that you also need to know "WHY" you must incorporate these techniques into your daily e-mail management practices.

Each Productivity SpecialistTM at Eliminate Chaos is trained in the methodologies developed and used with clients since 2000. This ensures that you or your employees receive the specialized and custom expertise expected for solving individual challenges and maximizing your investment.


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