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July 2016

Passwords at Your Fingertips-Anytime, Anywhere & From Any Device

LastPass:  The LAST Time You Will Need to Reset a Lost Password

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t remember a password?  How much time do you waste resetting passwords, putting in the temporary password and then creating a new password? Here’s the solution that will solve this problem and so many more – along with a smorgasbord of benefits you will wonder how you got along with out!

LastPass.  It’s the “ONE” last password you will ever need to remember.  LastPass is an online digital password system that lives as a plugin in your computer Internet browser and has the ability to synch to your mobile devices. You can use the desktop version for free, but I highly recommend you pay the $9.99/year and upgrade to the “premium” version that includes the mobile app.  You can try the premium version for FREE for 30 days.  Without the premium version you won’t be able to sync password to your mobile devices seamlessly.  The good news is, the version you will download for your desktop Internet browser is FREE.

Robert Leist, our Information Technology Specialist and IT Systems Consultant has extensively reviewed the security and features of several password management systems and this is the only one we refer to our clients.  (In case you’re wondering, we aren’t compensated to write about this program). Consider this some FREE consulting advice from the two of us!


Benefits Galore!

  • Never forget another password and have to reset one.
  • Stores the website address along with your user name and password so all you have to do is click the launch button and you’re in – like Flynn!
  • You can organize your passwords into categories such as:  banking, medical, shopping, travel, business, social sites and more. Don’t see a category you like?  Make your own.
  • Use LastPass’ password generator to generate a highly secure password for you, where you control the number of digits. Who cares if you can’t remember it – you don’t need to so make it long and complicated.
  • Enter specific information for each site/password you save. For example, store the answers to the security questions you set.
    • HOT TIP:  Don’t answer those security questions with the “real” answer.  Make something up and record it in the notes section.  It’s too easy for hackers to answer security questions when you share a lot of information online about your family, school, kid’s names or pet names, etc…
  • Besides entering passwords you can also enter “Secure Notes.”  Examples of secure notes include the following:
    • Credit Card Information – such as the card number, expiration date and the security code. You also have space to enter customer service phone numbers, your interest rate and more.
    • Driver’s License Information
    • Health Insurance Information – including: company name, policy type and number, Group ID, member name and ID and more.
    • Passport Information – including: passport number, issue date, expiration date and more.
    • Insurance Information – including policy type and number, expiration, agent name and phone number and more.
    • Membership Information – including membership number, name, start and expiration date, website and phone number.
    • Social Security Number
    • WiFi Access – SSID and passwords for work or home

 For any password or secure note you enter, you can also set it to require a “password re-prompt” before you gain access to that information to ensure security should you leave your computer or device unattended or unlocked.


Sharing Information

In our office, I use the sharing feature to share sites, user ID’s and passwords with employees.  I have the ability to choose whether or not I want that individual to be able to see the user name and password I set, or just be able to launch and access the site. We also use the sharing feature with each other at home so we can access each other’s accounts as needed.

Emergency Access

Let’s face it…we never expect the unthinkable to happen to you or a loved one.  But, the day will come when you will be happy you have access to this information for someone else, and someone that loves you will be more than grateful to have access to all of this information at their fingertips. During a stressful time like this, the last thing you will want to do increase it over trying to gain access to accounts – not to mention how enormously time consuming and frustrating this will be.

One of the best benefits is that you can provide a link to a family member or members so they can gain access to your data.  Don’t worry, there are controls in place to notify you that they are attempting to gain access when they shouldn’t be. Make sure you take advantage of this feature. No matter how organized you are and how much data you enter, it’s of no use if they can’t gain emergency access or know what your master password is.

Using the “notes” field for each site, secure note or form fill you crate is a good place for you to put “your wishes” for what you want to have happen to your account when you are no longer alive. Don’t expect someone that handles your affairs or takes over your job to be a mind reader.

Form Fills

This is one feature that will definitely save you a lot of time. I use these daily for making purchases online for work and personal reasons. I have set up each of my credit cards as a form fill. This means the card number, security code, expiration date, name on the card, billing address of the card are all filled in. When I am ready to use a “form fill” from the check-out page on a website, I simply go to my LastPass vault, access the form fills area and then select the card I want to use.  Presto! All of the fields have been automatically entered for me and my purchase is on its way.


The “master password” you set can’t be recovered. My recommendation is that you come up with a phrase that is easy for you to remember, but avoid using family and pet names. Use a combination of lower and upper case letter, numbers and symbols. Use at least 14 characters in total. Write it down someplace secure in case you do forget.


If this information isn’t enough for you to set this up at work and or at home, I’m not sure what else I can say to convince you.

Information in the Palm of Your Hand

If you travel for work, this app is a must. Even if you don’t travel, you can’t go wrong with getting all of your important information into one place. You never know when and where you will need this information, I just know you’ll be glad you spent the time to set this up and someone, someday will also be grateful.

~ Making You More Productive - so you have 
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Warmly, Laura Leist, CPO, MOS
CPO = Certified Professional Organizer
MOS = Microsoft Office Specialist


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Malia Fazzio Joins Eliminate Chaos as Sr. Productivity Specialist

malia fazzio small.jpgWe are pleased to announce that Malia Fazzio joined Eliminate Chaos earlier this year and works in the Business Productivity division.

Malia brings over 25 years of experience in operational excellence, productivity improvement and growth acceleration to Eliminate Chaos. Her work experience includes Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses.

Malia's passion for order and organization started early with her love of puzzles. She was taught to lie out the puzzle pieces by color and to always start with the frame/border before the middle. She has applied that early lesson of structure to business by focusing on goals and determining the details of execution that are needed to achieve those goals.

Since Malia joined our team, she has worked with companies to streamline their paper and electronic filing systems, established naming conventions for electronic filing structures and created record retention policies.   She has also worked with individuals that are looking for ways to be more productive with their time and how technology can play a role in this, specifically Microsoft Outlook and OneNote.

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Eliminate Chaos Productivity and IT Services

ec_grey-square-business - for web.png
Our new business website is currently in the works and we are excited to launch it this summer.

Some of the services you'll see featured on our new site include:


  • Productivity Assessments
  • Outlook Productivity Consulting & Training
  • OneNote Consulting & Training
  • Digital File Organization
  • Business Contact Manager Customization & Training
  • Paper Workflow & Information Management
  • Workspace Organization & Space Planning
  • Microsoft Exchange E-mail Migrations
  • Anti-Virus and Malware Installation
  • Cloud-Based Back Up Systems
  • Cloud-Based Digital File Systems
  • Variety of Speaking Programs
If you or your organization could benefit from our expertise, give us a call for a free phone consultation at 425.670.2551 or 877.342.8592. 
While we are based north of Seattle, we served a national clientele. 
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Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook 2013

02.28.15-ec-book-cover-front-2013 - compressed.pngWant to know some of the tips and tricks I use with our clients?  I've documented it this 65 page step-by-step book that focuses on time saving techniques for e-mail you can use daily.  For just $30 you are sure to get a return on your investment in the first week of implementing these tips.  The book is not sold online, you must call our office to purchase.  425.670.2551 or 877.342.8592.  Or e-mail me:  
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Like Us on Facebook - Useful Tips for You at Work

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Did you know we have a Facebook page dedicated to workplace productivity and information technology topics?  
Be sure to like our page so you can see our productivity tips and where our next public seminars will be offered.

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