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Magazine & Newspaper Articles Eliminate Chaos has been Published In

To read Laura Leist's articles previously published in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, click here.

Here is a partial list of publications we have been quoted or published in.

May 2018
NSA Speaker Magazine
  Find Your Information Fast - How to Solve Invisible Clutter with OneNote
August 2015
  Smart Moves: Tips on Cleaning Your Home Office
November 2014
Real Simple
  Fix Those Lame File Names
August 2013
Business Traveller, Asia-Pacific - Work/Life Balance
  Balancing Act
October 2012
US News & World Report - Careers
  Host a Constructive Meeting in 9 Steps - Accomplish Tasks & Avoid Wasting Your Colleague's Time
March 2012
Speaker Magazine
  Eliminate Presentation Chaos - Advice for Enterprising Speakers
December 2011
425 Magazine
  Get Organized at Work
May 18, 2011
The Wall Street Journal - FINS Finance
  5 Myths of Multitasking
May 2011
  Effective Meetings: 20 Ways to Have a More Productive Business Meeting
April 6, 2011
Metro - New York
  A Grip on the Grind
March 15, 2011
Metro - New York
  A Stress-Free Workspace
January 18, 2011
Metro - New York
  Get Organized
December 2010
The Wall Street Journal
  Haven't Shopped Yet? Pros Offer Tips
November 2010
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
  Downsize Me
June 22, 2010
  How to Organize Your Workspace
April 8, 2010
The Wall Street Journal
  Law and Order: How a Pro Helps Tackle Clutter
March 2010
  Creating a Culture of Excellence
February 12, 2010
  Organize for Spring – Top Tips from Eastside Pros
February 1, 2010
The New York Times
  How to Get Organized as Work Piles Up
January 29, 2010
  The Real Consequences of Office Clutter
January 26, 2010
Woman Entrepreneur
  Get Organized in 2010 - Get Your Home Office Organized This Year
September 8, 2009
MSN Real Estate
  How to Get Organized as Work Piles Up
September 4, 2009
Puget Sound Business Journal
  Chaos Theory:  Laura Leist and Eliminate Chaos get paid to put your things in order
August 2009
MSN Real Estate
  Your Moving Checklist:  This step-by-step quide takes you from beginning to end of a well-organized, low-stress move.
February 26, 2008
Washington Post
  How Do I…Organize Records Needed to do My Taxes
February 2008
Fidelity Magazine
  Putting it Together – This Tax Season
February 3, 2007
Computer World
  12 Quick Productivity Wins
January 2007
Entrepreneur Magazine
  Better Than Ever
December 14, 2006
Lowe's For Pros.com
  The Benefits of Centralized Accounts
September 22, 2006
  Downsizing Calls for Tough Decisions
April 2005
Journal Newspapers Article
  Making Order From Chaos
February 2005
Journal Newspapers Article
  So much to see and learn at the Seattle Home Show
October 4, 2004
Puget Sound Business Journal Article
  Now it's official: It's the week to get organized
Summer 2003
Washington State Magazine features Eliminate Chaos
  Eliminating Chaos: "Organization Isn't About Shifting Things Around"
May 30, 2003
Puget Sound Business Journal Article
  Organization in the Palm of Your Hand - written by Laura Leist

Get Organized with Laura Leist - as published in the Seattle Post Intelligencer

Laura Leist was the Seattle Post Intelligencer's Organizing Expert for four years until the paper closed its doors.

Here are links so you can read her previous columns.  Enjoy!

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01.19.08 - Right-sizing can help simplify and declutter your life 

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10.07.06 - A Holiday Master Plan

07.29.06 - Kitchen Organization:  When everything has a place, it's easier to put everything in its place

06.10.06 - Are You a Closet Slob?  Here's How to Clean up Your Act

04.15.06 - Paper: Attack the stack, emerge the victor

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